Miriam - Photographer & Art Director.

Miriam is an all-round visual creative and storyteller developing art direction, still/moving image, set design, brand identity & visual design projects.

Inspired by modern art, retro culture, interior design and travel, among other things, her work includes different styles and aesthetics that amplify the underlying message of each project. At the same time, she works on personal projects that give her creative freedom. She enjoys transforming a creative vision into reality, with a multidisciplinary and holistic approach, in a stylised manner with sensitivity for detail.

Half Spanish, half British, she has lived and worked across 3 countries in the past 5 years. Miriam has experience working at advertising agencies, a beauty and health brand and independently as a freelancer.  Currently based in Madrid, working worldwide and always open to new collaborations.

“ I offer creative, aesthetic & personalised visual communication to a wide range of clients, from local businesses to worldwide brands & individuals.”

© Miriam Martín Price