Digital 360 campaign that showcases distinct Karwei interior styles during Autumn-Winter 2016: Sweet Natural, Boutique Hotel, Basic Industrial & Casual Comfort. The idea “Your home is more than rooms, but the reflection of your true personality and how you choose to live your life” was kicked off with inspirational trend films, followed by animated DIY tutorials. Visual tricks were used thoughout the films to exagerate the mood of each room and catch the viewers attention in their already saturated Social feeds.

We aimed to, not only inspire the audience, but also activate them to get started on their next home DIY project. We used viewership and interaction data from the films to determine the interior preference of the audience. This way we could deliver highly targeted executions across multiple digital channels. Facebook was home to an immersive canvas ad, carousel ads and an interactive 360 game. An Instagram takeover gave the audience a detailed look into each style, as if peeking into different apartment floors, and curated Spotify playlists provided the soundtrack to their favourite decor style.

Art Direction – Miriam Martín Price

Client – Karwei
Creative Direction – Nicolas Duglosch
Copywriter – Sharon Goldstoff
Film – Tilt Amsterdam
Agency – Isobar Amsterdam

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