Kolca Minimal-Retro

In 2020 Kolca approached me for a rebranding and launch of the brand in Europe. We worked on a new creative direction that focused on the concept of Minimalist Retro-Pop. The duality between retro and minimal styles was visualised through bare backgrounds in muted tones combined with props, wardrobe and make-up trends rescued from the 80’s and 90’s that amplified the brand message. 


Behind the Scenes

Creative & Art Direction
Miriam Martín Price
Miriam Martín Price
Production & Props
Miriam Martín Price
Crew & Talents
Anaïs Ibáñez (Stylist)
Luca Iani (Photo Assistant)
Patri del Moral (MUA)
Kevin Martín Price (Prod Assistant)
Ana Pastor (Talent)
Tyson Eleben (Talent)