LVMH Prize
2022 Edition

Each year, the LVMH Prize supports young talent who are driven by a passion for creativity in order to enable a new generation of fashion designers. Looking towards a post-pandemic reality and with the excitement of meeting again in Paris, we needed to make sure that the community would feel more involved and connected than ever before. 

We worked with LVMH Prize to launch a web and content experience that functioned as a digital showroom. You can discover each candidate as you browse the showroom by accessing their collections, bios and an original films that describe their brand. We remotely directed 20 designers films in 12 different countries, giving the audience a unique insight into each designer’s process. 

The website’s design maintained a minimalist visual aesthetic, bringing a fresh new look through color palette and layout. The navigation lets users preview the pieces of each candidate in a straightforward approach, using 360 degree png sequencing giving users full control of the model rotation and thus a more personalized experience. Voting functionality allowed the audience to support their favorite designer, and help them move on to the finals. 

We also curated the Instagram feed that invited the audience to meet the designers and follow their journey through the prize, while also creating engaging content throughout the several months in which the prize runs. The end result was an online digital showroom and content platform that brought the community closer to the LVMH Prize, with a follower increase of 19% from January to July and a 400% increase in the volume of votes in relation to last year’s edition. By using production and design strategies we created an experience that could adapt over time, remain attractive and ever-engaging.

Creative & Art Direction
Miriam Martín Price
Christian Lowell
Design & Motion
Pablo Coronel
Leonid Pyagay