Stay Fresh!

Online campaign targeting Sprite's main audience, Millennials, we followed an insight related to decision-making. Having to make so many choices in life and in our current fast-paced world of endless opportunities, the result is a general feeling of exhaustion. The creative idea “whatever your choice, stay fresh” is simple and empathetic. An approach that connects with the audience in a lighthearted way and positions the brand as a no brainer, it goes with you no matter what choice you make. Presenting dilemmas on Social Media was our way to engage in conversation with the audience. We were relevant to their lifestyle, choosing anything from everyday examples of small decision-making up to Winter sports, which were relevant at the time of posting because of the Winter Olympics.  The split-screen visual approach through a subtle curve created a link with the new packaging design and served us to visualize in a bold way each scenario. The result is bright, colourful and fresh visual storytelling.

Client: Sprite Agency: Isobar Amsterdam Creative & Art Direction: Miriam Martín Price Photography & Retouch: Vilain & Gai

To the mountains / To the beach  
Skiing/ Snowboarding

Ice skating / Ice hockey
Bun / Beanie

By bus / By bike
One more episode / One more hour sleep

Christmas angel / Christmas diva
Book / Social feed

Game on / Party on

Save / Spend